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Pencil with Cloud V1 Cutter and stamp

Pencil with Cloud V1 Cutter and stamp

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This Pencil with Cloud V1 Teacher cutter and stamp is the perfect gift for any teacher. Its meaningful message is sure to be appreciated by educators every time. Use it to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication during special occasions or to say 'Thank You' for the meaningful work they do.

Each pack contains: (size: tall x wide)
1 x Cookie cutterĀ  (Size: 81mm x 91mm)
1 x Cookie stamp

Important Information

ā™„Ā This product is MADE TO ORDER. All of the cutters and stamps are printed to order, and we donā€™t have stock on hand. Please allow 2-5 business days, shipping time NOT included.
ā™„ Cutters' colours may be different from pictures.

Embossed or Debossed (Raised)


ā™„ Cookie Embosser will leave an imprint into your fondant.Ā 
ā™„ CookieĀ Debosser (Raised) will provide a 3D pop-outĀ design.Ā 


What is the size of the cutter?

  • X-Small (65mm)
  • Small (75 mm)
  • Medium (90 mm)
  • Large (100 mm)
  • X-Large (120 mm)

These measurements are the longest dimensions of theĀ cutter.

Cutter Dimensions:

  • Cutter Handle Width 10mm
  • Cutter Depth 15mmĀ 

Care Guide

We print our cutters on a 3D printer using aĀ high-quality,Ā food-safe PLA. The Cookie Cutter can start to soften and lose its shape from around 50 degree C.

Don't use a dishwasher due to the heat used. Hand wash only in warm water, using a soft brush as required for any small corners.Ā Putting the cutters in a dishwasher could melt, warp, or otherwise damage the PLA.

Essential Tips

ā™„ For easy release of dough, remember to coat the stamp with icing sugar/ flour before imprint
ā™„ Cookie cutters suitable for fondant, cookie dough, clay, biscuit dough etc.
ā™„Ā where a cookie embosser will leave an imprintĀ intoĀ your fondant, the debosser will provide a 3D pop-outĀ design.Ā 

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